August 11, 2019




A New Offering

An act of withdrawing

Retreat from a situation that needs time to shift

A Retreat can be for

An afternoon

A Weekend or longer

A new offering from

Body Being in Balance Massage


The Retreat

Located at 1130 Camino Del Mar Suite G Del Mar Ca 92014

Consider a Retreat to Regain



New Perspective


Mini Retreat

60 min E-Massage or E-Facial60 min

Guided Meditation

Focusing on an area of life wanting more Clarity


Retreat Plus

60 min E-Massage or E-Facial x 2

60 min Guided Meditation x 2

Booked 1 week apart

The week in between allows time for shifting


Retreat Especial

60 min E-Massage or E-Facial x 4 60 min

Guided Meditation x 4

May be used over a 3 month period

Progressive sessions fine tune and deepen the change


Choose from

Therapeutic Sports Massage

Energy Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Rain Drop Therapy


Group Retreat Participants

Up to 3

Sessions spread out over a day

Not Simultaneously


How the packages work!

Packages are 10% off Of accumulated Sessions

Packages are flexible

E-Massage, E-Facials & Meditations Available in 60, 75 or 90 min Sessions

Packages can be spread out over 3 months

Must be combined with Meditation Session


Coming Soon

3 Day Retreats

Hotel Stay Discounts

Restaurant Discounts


Do you have a group looking for a

Customized Retreat?

Let's Talk!


Paula Irwin cmt#1985



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