Trance Medium Mentorship

Hello And Welcome to an extended Journey of Spirit


I discovered to move along one's path it was beneficial to focus on a specific aspect of growth and work with a mentor one on one. This allowed focus, clearing and accelerated movement in areas which previously were blocked.

This mentorship is a short term custom designed program just for you.

Whether it be creative, financial, love, well being, body/spirit communication, the curriculum is designed utilizing the tm format with the focus of choice.

There is no telling where the path will lead from and to, create the intention and picture and allow the journey to begin.

The program is designed in 3 month increments at $200 per month.

What is Trance Mediumship?

Many describe trance mediumship as a process of leaving the body and allowing a healing guide to enter your body and do healings.

The benefit of utilizing another being is the detachment to the issue. Neutrality is the key to healing and change. To be neutral to your own experience takes practice. The healing spirit has no attachment to you or the outcome so many times this can do wonders as long as there are rules and guidelines in place for the spirit to engage and then completely separate. The owner of the body is always to be the senior party, guides work for you.  

There is much more to this process and an even more beautiful use for this space.

The spirit brings all of its energy and parts together in a focused flow and frequency , white. 

This white is the totalities of you come together.

You too are a being, spirit. A natural aspect of spirit is to heal or support change.  

Fine tune your ability to be your own healer, be whole and awaken as the owner and master of your life.

Your life is a reflection of the relationship of body to spirit.

The benefit of this process is the ability to clear blocks previously experienced as immovable. 

Imagine, clearing anxiety, fear, pain, past trauma and other seemingly overwhelming experiences in only a few minutes of running "You're White"

This frequency evaporates these lower tones in only minutes of practice. 

Who I am!

I have been on a path of self discovery since age 16.

The last 20+ years have been focused on a training created by Lewis Bostwick in the 70's along with the Berkeley Psychic Institute. He passed away just as I began my training but I have had the honor of working with 6 teachers he had trained.

Each has brought a different element to the work adding their own discovery' and abilities. 

I trained with John Fulton of Aesclepion Healing Center in San Rafael, Ca for nearly 10 years as a Trance Medium Abaton.

This work has allowed me to take back ownership of my life and clear experiences 

which seemed immovable.

The totality of the trainings offered is invaluable but this piece is my favorite and strongest of all the steps.

I have a thriving therapeutic massage, clairvoyant reading and teaching practice

In Del Mar Ca. This mentorship sprang from the recognition that I do this naturally.

Why not create a space for those who want a more focused use of the practice for specific areas of interest. 

I healed in a Trance Medium Clinic held at Intuitive Insights in San Diego for over 10 years healing 1000's of people collectively.

Private Trance Medium Healings

A session consists of the healee explaining in minimal detail their area of interest to be healed and a positive intention is created for focus. The healing is done at white (The totality of Being) and silent as it is conducted out of the body. Communication is offered upon completion.

Sessions are either in person or over the phone. (Phone sessions are wonderful)

Sessions are $100 per 30 mins.

It is essential that the healee is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol as these substances create an open door in the psychic space which can be detrimental to the healer. 

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*Disclaimer-Results vary by person. No guarantee of results is offered.

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