Balancing the Body through 

     Structural Re-Alignment 

     Balancing the Subtle Energy systems by 

     Aligning their Unique Pathways 

     Uniting in Movement Balance and Harmony

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The Benefit 

Relaxation is more than a comforting massage.

Structural Balancing Sports Massage

changes how your muscles move by increasing their

extension, flexibility and overall health.

The soreness, which sits beneath awareness, draws on your well being 

contributing to  the body feeling heavy and tired.

Returning the body back to its natural settings

allows for a lasting sense of renewal*

The Intention  

Supporting the








Body awareness



The Gift

More then feeling better

You are better*

The Difference

A unique style with the integration of trigger point, neuromuscular, sports and

manual lymphatic drainage techniques.

Regain the balance and flow of movement*

Del Mar Massage Therapy

A quick walk from

L'auberge Hotel-Hotel Indigo-Wave Crest

Best Western Premier Del Mar-Hilton Del Mar

Sports Massage Del Mar-Supports runners through increased flexibility, injury prevention and strengthening
Sports Massage Del Mar-Surfers benefit from sports massage

Specializing in

Structural ReBalancing Sports Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage Supports




Pre and Post 

Surgery recovery for;


​Liposuction, Face and Body lifts, Knee and Hip Replacement, Cancer or any type of surgery.

The Beauty and Power of

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Discoveries in the Treatment Room

Therapeutic Massage

Structural Rebalancing 

Sports Massage


Assisting athletes in maintaining their body's integrity as they push themselves to the limits and beyond.

Marathon runners, 

bodybuilders, golfers, tennis players, surfers and anyone else who moves!​


Modalities offered;

Trigger Point Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy

Myofascial Release

Structural Realignment

Deep Tissue

Cranial Sacral

Positional Release

Conditions Treated


Chronic Back & Neck Pain


Sports Injuries

Carpal Tunnel

Thoracic Outlet 


Work Related Injuries


Frozen shoulder

Baker's Cyst




Heal the Spirit 


The Spirit Heals the Body

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Where to find me

1130 Camino Del Mar  Suite G
Del Mar Ca 92014
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*Disclaimer-Results vary by person. No guarantee of results is offered.

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 A quick walk from L'auberge Hotel-Hotel Indigo-Wave Crest Best Western Premier Del Mar-Hilton Del Mar