August 11, 2019


A New Offering

An act of withdrawing

Retreat from a situation that needs time to shift

A Retreat can be for

An afternoon

A Weekend or longer

A new offering from

Body Being in Balance Massage

The Retreat

Located at 1130 Camino Del Mar Suite G Del Mar Ca 92014

Consider a...

Lymphatic massage for Health and Well being

Hands VS Machine

Dr. Vodder invented Manual Lymphatic Massage (MLD) technique back in the 30s and his method has been expanded by the Foldi Institute in Germany and through out Europe.

This technique has been successful for canc...

The demands of child rearing changes a woman's structure creating long term imbalances that lead to unnecessary injuries later in life.
Form follows function; carrying the weight of a child on the hip adapts and reshapes the musculoskeletal system.

The dominant arm an...