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Scar Tissue: Surgery- Accident-Athletes-How is it effecting you? What can be done?

What is Scar Tissue?

Scar tissue occurs when tissue has been damaged due to surgery, injury, and overuse.

The body sends collagen to the area to create a “bandage” of sorts, repairing the damaged area for strong reinforcement.

This collagen grows in a crosshatch pattern which is a different pattern then was

previously present.

Different Tissue Types

Muscle Tissue

Is created from long cylindrical fibers that slide over one another which creates the muscles movement.

Skin tissue

Is a group of cells, which are made up of Keratin. This Keratin also connects or creates a glue of sorts to bind these cells together.

Fascial Tissue

Is a connective tissue of closely packed bundles of collagen fibers organized in wavy patterns, flexible and strong.

How is scar tissue effecting you?

This pattern may create limits in movement, texture, and appearance.

Scar tissue, especially deep in the fasciae, connective tissue or muscle may not be recognized visually but may be felt as a deep limit or pull within the body disallowing full movement, expansion, or pain. Quit often a fantom pain in the body may be caused by scar tissue. Superficially, scar tissue may cause a change in appearance. This may create a change of color and texture. Texture’s may appear as a plastic like finish or rough and bumpy depending on your unique genetics and type of injury to the tissue. Changes in color depend on your melanin. The pigmentation changes can vary from a nonexistent or white appearance to a deepened coloration of red, purple, or other depending on your skin tone.

How can scar tissue be improved?

Scar tissue in Cosmetic Surgery

Liposuction creates extensive scar tissue.

During the procedure, the skin, fat, and connective layers are separated to gain access to the unwanted fat tissue. The device is inserted and aggressively moved within this layer while a suction removes the fat cells. A fluid or air may be pumped into the cavity to open and hold the space for greater access. Lasers may be used to melt the fat for easier extraction or to tighten the skin. This procedure slightly burns the skins inner lining causing collagen production and tightening.

The scar tissue may take on different textures and appearances with Lipo. <