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Cosmetic Surgery-A Field Guide to Expectations and Recovery


This field guide will focus on the healing process, as this is my specialty.

I have been a nationally certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist since 1998.

Specializing in post cosmetic surgery recovery and lymphedema and Lipedema maintenance.

This is a compilation of client’s stories and journeys mixed with clinical discoveries along the way.


Facial Work

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Where did I go?

I see myself behind my eyes, but the reflection is not as I remember.

Contemplating a cosmetic procedure can be arduous, knowing you disappeared behind life’s journey but what is the risk, cost, procedure choice and healing process?

Questions to consider

1. What area of the face/neck/eyes will bring you back into focus?

2. What style of procedure is best for the desired look and longevity of the results. Is this a one and done or ongoing remodel?

3. Is this a new you or a refreshed you?

4. Is this a correction or smoothing and tightening?