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Additional Services

Raindrop Therapy

A Young Living Essential Oil Treatment 


Raindrop Therapy

Nine therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils are dropped like "Little Rain Drops" and feathered into the tissues of the spine relieving muscular tension and stress in the body. The essential oil enhances the systems, deeply energizes and detoxifies, then balances the frequency of the body.

60 min treatment 165


                                Smooth Body Treatment                                   

Cellulite is the binding of fat cells within a fibrous sheath of collagen. This tissue easily absorbs extra fluids creating a spongy and irregular texture. Also, it blocks the stored energy (fat) from being readily used in the body. The Smooth Body Treatment is a blend of myofascial release, deep tissue, circulatory and lymph drainage massage. These techniques will break down the fibrous tissue so the fat cells can empty. The released excess energy is then flushed through the system with circulatory and lymph drainage massage. 


60 min Treatment 140

75 min Treatment 160

90 min Treatment 185


Energy Massage-What is it?

A blending of energy clearing, and intuitive communication combined with therapeutic massage. This amazing combination clears the space between the body/spirit relationship, clearing pain and old injuries that are frozen in the energy field. Those old injuries that won't go away may be cleared in this process. Give it a try!

Additional $30 per session 




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