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Look Who's Talking about

Paula's Intuitive and Teaching Abilities

Expand your world by seeing beyond the physical!




“ I'm so thankful for this opportunity to learn more about my Body/Being connection and actually feel the energy moving lovingly through me. What a Wonderful experience. Many thanks Paula. Namaste, JA ” 




“ This kind of energy work is very powerful. I learned tools to create unity between my body and my spirit in a way that is easy yet profoundly effective. Visualizing and moving energy seems to create instant reaction on levels seen and unseen which gave me a feeling of being very centered and grounded again. ”



  Clear reading from a very professional reader. 

She has a calm, clear voice

Answers questions directly 

And in detail -

 No vague images or cryptic messages - 

Highly gifted and accurate. 

One of the best I have spoken to.


Nathan L


She is the real deal. And great Healer too!


Cathy M


It was such a privilege to work with Paula yesterday. She truly is a gifted intuitive and healer. She uses a variety of guides that help to release what needs to be let go. I feel so much clearer today. I look forward to doing a body work session with her soon. As many of you have said, 'she is the real deal.' Thank you Paula for your time and care of me.





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