Massage Therapy

Massage Modalities Available




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Trigger Point

 Myofascial Release

 Deep Tissue

Strain Counter- Strain


Cranial Sacral,

and of course Swedish.

Energy Massage blends therapeutic massage with energy work

Therapeutic Massage

"A Holistic Approach"

The benefit of therapeutic massage is that it releases constrictions created by over-use along with balancing the musculature through activated stretching.

The nervous system is a marvel. When it is worked with, rather than against, the system becomes a useful tool to gently and effectively release stress and pain patterns previously locked in the body. Motion becomes smoother and takes less energy to accomplish the demands put upon the body. These extra resources are available to add more enjoyment and energy for your life. *

Energy Massage-What is it?

A blending of energy clearing and intuitive communication combined with therapeutic massage. This amazing combination clears the space between the body/spirit relationship, clearing pain and old injuries that are frozen in the energy field. Those old injuries that won't go away may be cleared in this process.* Give it a try!

Additional $20 per session 

Body Being in Balance Massage


Massage Prices

60 min 120

75 min 140

90 Min 165



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