Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The benefits of Lymphatic massage have been gaining awareness over the past few years even though it has been around since the 30's.

It quickens healing from surgery and accidents, it reduces lymphatic edema in cancer survivors, supports the immune system and leaves you with a sense of  well being.


Lymphatic massage for post surgery recovery is an integral part of aftercare support.

1 to 2 sessions prior to surgery prepares the tissue and lessens bleeding during surgery. 

After surgery, depending on the extent of the recovery, 4 or more sessions are recommended to speed healing and swelling, improve scar tissue and incision appearance. 

Liposuction benefits greatly as it lessens the pain and swelling within the first session along with affecting scar tissue and texture. 

Face and body lifts also  heal faster with the ability to return to your life sooner.

Clients have had such great results, read a few for yourself. *



Lymphatic Massage

Hands VS Machine


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Manual Lymphatic Drainage, created by Dr Vodder in 1936, was originally designed to treat lymphedema in patients who had lost lymph nodes due to cancer treatment. The loss of the nodes, which are filters for the lymph system, creates a backup of fluid's unable to process out naturally.

This creates a swelling which can become extreme.

Lymph fluid begins as plasma delivering nutrients to the tissues and then collects  larger cellular debris to be filtered by lymph nodes and returned back to the blood system.

The lymph system is located in the skin and consists of lymph vessels, which are the "freeway systems" in which the fluid travels, and the nodes, which filters the debris. The flow is created by the movement of the skin. 

Lymphatic massage is a series of gentle hand movements which creates a stretch across the vessel and a circular movement towards the flow with a quick release which propels the fluid forward. The weight of a nickel and the rhythm of a heart beat, these movements increase the flow by 10x their normal pace. 

The benefits are many;

The removal of waste from the system clears lymphatic swelling, bruising and injuries heal quicker and the immune system is

strengthened.  The rhythm calms the autonomic nervous system and resets it to the rest and rejuvenating aspect. This assists with stress, sleeplessness, shock and increases a sense of well being.

Lymphatic massage is an integral part of a health and well being program. It's for everyone!




60 min 110

75 min 130

90 Min 150

Travel Fee 45



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*Disclaimer-Results vary by person. No guarantee of results is offered.

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