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Manual Lymphatic Drainage


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The Superior Recovery Support for your Lymphedema and post recovery needs

Lymphatic Massage for optimal healng at Body Being in Balance Massage Del Mar
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I have been preforming Manual Lymphatic Drainage (mld) for lymphedema support and post-surgery recovery since 1998.

I have assisted 1000’s of patients in their recovery process for optimal results.

In addition, I have utilized my training in myofascial release during the healing process to support the optimal crafting of the new you.

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Cosmetic Surgery Outside of the United States

What are Lymphatics and Lymphatic Massage? 


The lymphatic system.


  • The lymphatic system primarily consists of lymphatic vessels and capillaries, which are similar to the veins and capillaries of the circulatory system. The vessels are connected to lymph nodes, where the lymph is filtered.  

  • Moves the lymphatic fluid, part of blood plasma which leaks into the interstitial space surrounding the tissues and transports it back into the venous blood. 

  • Fights infection and disease as it filters microorganism's, dead cells, heavy metals and other foreign material. The lymph nodes contain lymphocytes and macrophages which filter the fluid and dissolve the foreign particles. Heavy metals and inorganic materials which are unable to be broken down are stored in the node. This stored material may cause the node to break down possibly leading to disease such as cancer.

  • Absorbs fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system and transports these into the bloodstream. 


Manual Lymphatic Massage (MLD)

Created by Dr Vodder in 1936

The art of assisting the Lymphatic System in preforming this cleansing action, particularly when it has been damaged or compromised through life-style choices, injury or surgical procedures (e.g., Liposuction, plastic, orthopedic and cancer surgeries).

Lymphatic massage is a series of gentle hand movements which creates a stretch across the vessel and a circular movement towards the flow.

A quick release propels the fluid forward.

The vessels are connected to the skin, as the skin stretches across the vessel's length, they open creating a negative pressure within the vessel. This creates a suction which pulls the fluids inside. The stoke moves fluids in the desired direction and the quick release closes the vessel walls and propels the lymph forward.

The weight of a nickel and the rhythm of a heartbeat, these movements increase the flow by 10x their normal pace. Excess fluids causing edema are transported from the tissues through the systems and back into the venous blood releasing the swelling. The healing time of injuries and surgeries are quickened with swelling, bruising and pain diminishing with each progressive session.

Contact me to discuss your unique situation to create a plan for your recovery.

Read what people are saying!

Our lymphatic system is part of our circulatory system. It is the process by which dead cells, `bacteria, and foreign matter are cleansed from our system. The lymph fluid moves through the nodes where it is purified. The lymph system is a constant internal river moving out debris and supporting a healthy immune system.

The lymphatic system is a passive system that activates through movement and breath. The massage movement creates a stretch across the lymph vessels in the skin, creating an opening and suction of lymphatic fluid into the vessel. The stroke then moves the fluid towards the closest nodes. Manual lymphatic drainage increases the movement of this system by ten times its normal rate.

Manual Lymphatic Massage, through its gentle rhythm and pressure, neutralizes the autonomic nervous system and returns the body to a state of rest and rejuvenation. This process is painless. Lymphatic Massage for Well Being gives a boost to the system and many people report a sense of lightness and deep relaxation. Following a procedure, Lymphatic Manual Drainage can quicken the removal of the increased demand on the system from

the procedure. Swelling and bruising dissipate swiftly to accelerate healing.

Cosmetic Surgery

A Field guide to

Expectations and Recovery

Stages of Healing

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LymphaticMassag at Bod Being in Balance Mssage Del Mar
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Recovery from each of these surgeries has its own healing journey.

MLD works miracles in helping to reduce swelling, bruising and pain with the added benefit of more refined incisions due to less tension on the skin allowing a finer smoother result.

Myofascial release is key in eliminating any irregularities which may occur. 

It is the manual rolling and manipulating of the tissue to break down adhesions and scar tissue.


1. There is the initial swelling and bruising which generally appears right after the completion of the surgery

2. This is followed by the build-up of scar tissue, fibrosis, which forms as a result of the surgery, and is characterized by hard lumps and uneven areas just beneath the surface of the skin

These irregularities are addressed with myofascial release techniques which breaks down the collagen fibers through manual rolling techniques.

3. Electric shocks are a signal the nerves are healing and reconnecting, generally beginning at 2 to 3 weeks. 


Tummy Tucks, Face Lifts, Breast augmentation, Arm Lifts and Lower Body Lifts

The incisions associated with larger surgeries has an added healing process.

Lymph vessels are severed due to the incision. Fluids can no longer cross the break, so it is essential to move the fluids  to the nearest open vessels and nodes. The lymphatic system has built within it many backup systems to accommodate this disruption. 

A tummy tuck may build a bubble of fluids which linger right above the incision. This is addressed by directing the fluids around the incision and towards the nearest nodes.


 Cancer, Orthopedic Surgeries etc.

MLD's application to these surgeries follows the same path.

Consult your Physician as to the recommended onset of treatment.


Treatment series for Liposuction/Plastic Surgery

1. 1 or 2 sessions of mld before the surgery prepares the tissue for less bleeding during surgery. This supports less bruising afterwards.

2. 2 to 3 mld sessions for 2 to 4 weeks beginning at 7 days post op.

3.   Those needing quick recovery, I have discovered daily treatments for 7 to 12 days allows you to step back into life refreshed and ready to live. *

 4. Myofascial Release for scar tissue management begins at approximately 2 weeks post op. 

It is the breaking down of collagen fibers through manual rolling techniques.

5. The proper garment will sculpt the tissue as it heals supporting a well-formed figure. 

The recommendation for compression garments and the length of use varies greatly. 

Doctors prescribe anywhere from 2 to 6 plus weeks.

Proper compression for YOU is essential!

 Note: Some surgeons may prescribe MLD the day after surgery.

There can be certain challenges as the body has not yet had adequate time for initial healing to occur.  A significant amount of bodily fluids, the first few days of recovery, will drain. 

These fluids are not lymphatic but wetting solutions and anesthetic used during surgery. 

Moving these fluids out of the incisions is "Not Lymphatic Massage. "

This early process is not under our licensor and should not be done by non-medical staff.

I generally begin sessions after all incisions have closed and are not seeping-generally about 5 to 7 days post- surgery .



Lipedema is a genetic disorder that effects fat transport from the fat cell.

It causes a excessive collection of fat in the thighs, legs and arms.

Since the lymphatic system transports fat,

lymphatic massage assists with improved movement though the body. 

For more information contact

Dr. Karen Herbst

An Associate Professor University of Arizona

Check out this article 

Lymphatic Massage for Post Cancer Living*

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Group of Women

A risk of damage to the Lymphatic system may accompany certain surgeries.

This is especially true for some cancer related surgeries.

When this happens, a condition called Lymphedema, a slowing or “back-up” of Lymphatic fluids may occur.

It is a potential side effect of cancer treatment.

Lymphedema is caused by the removal of individual lymph nodes, causing the lymph fluid to have a narrowed or lost pathway out of the body.  Chemotherapy and/or radiation also damage the lymphatic system. Extreme care and support are essential to keep the associated swelling under control.

Starting an MLD maintenance program before any swelling is visible may support a more positive long-term outcome.

Lymphedema is a lifelong condition.

Lymphedema requires initially several sequential treatments to bring down the swelling.

Anywhere from 2 to 5 consecutive sessions for 1 to 2 weeks are required.

A proper compression garment is used daily to maintain and prevent new edema. 

Call today to discuss your unique situation for treatment and garments.

Quiet often the body adjusts to the new route the lymph is trained to follow and maintenance maybe be needed less over time. 

Each case is unique and will follow its own pattern.

Lymphatic massage for wellbeing*

Lymphatic massage is an integral part of a health and wellbeing program.

It's for everyone!

Stress, poor food intake, travel and intense work schedules can have a negative impact on the immune system. Increasing the lymphatic flow removes undue stress on this system and allows to body to return to a state of rest and renewal.

Paula Irwin, Certified Lymphedema Therapist with 20+ years experience

Lymphatic Massage

Levels of Pricing

Level 1

 Lymphatic Massage for Well Being

90 min 175

Level 2


Depends on areas required 

consult therapist

60 min 130

75 min 150

90 min 175

Level 3

 Post Surgery-7 Days Post Op

Client is ambulatory, no fluids, able to recline on the table.

Consult therapist for duration.

60 min 140

75 min 160

90 Min 185


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4/60 min - 504 Save 56

4/75 min - 576 Save 64

4/90 min - 666 Save 74

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