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Paula Irwin cmt #1985

Who I Am

Paula Irwin
cmt #1985,
clt,cosmetologist, minister
Adventurer, Animal Lover, Artist, Dreamer

"My interest since childhood has been to watch and assist in the healing process of those around me. Physical or emotional change has a process unique to the individual. The body rebuilds in layers and steps, back and forth until wholeness is complete."


Paula brings 28+ years of experience to her practice as a massage therapist. She offers a unique blending of sports, subtle positional release and muscular re-education techniques which address the body in a different fashion than is widely expressed in the massage field today. Pain cycles may be diminished  normal function maybe increased, all designed within a gentle and relaxing session. Paula has successfully treated many debilitating disorders such as Carpal Tunnel and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Try working with her to naturally treat and support your body to its natural state of wellness.

Also, she brings 25+ years of training in the area of subtle energy work. The body is both physical and energetic. She aligns these two aspects which brings greater focus, awareness and wellness.

 A truly a unique experience!  


Paula trained through WIN Therapy in Laguna Hills.

She received 600 hours of education with a designation as Certified Sports Therapist. She also has 185 hours of training as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist through the Learner Lymphedema Academy in Boston. 


In addition, Paula has 100'S of hours in continuing education in her field including neuromuscular, trigger point, myofascial re-education, positional release, advanced spa services and subtle energy work. 

Paula has performed 1000's of healing's in her 29+ years. 



Since 1980, Paula earned the trust and respect of a loyal clientele, within the beauty Industry, which extends through 3 decades. Moving to San Diego in 2005, Paula commuted to Orange County, servicing her clients in their homes until 2010 when she decided to build a business here in SD.  She now brings her 30+ years of experience in the beauty and massage industry to Body Being in Balance Massage Meditation.


A cosmetologist since 1990, Paula has specialized in skin care since 1995. She integrates a holistic approach to skin care by utilizing natural products, the newest in modern technology with her intuitive/healing abilities. How we see ourselves can be filtered by social programming, marketing and the opinions of others. “If you look in the mirror and can not see the beauty that is you, these filters are laying as an imprint over your energy field and face." Allow Paula to clear this filters and see the real you shine through.


A Clairvoyant Reader/Teacher/Healer


I look forward to expanding your vision and guiding you to your answer. 

At those times when confusion rules and the horizon has narrowed, enlisting a guide to hold a light above the question illuminates the road in and the way out of a situation. This is my role, to illuminate where you are stuck and show you the options so you may choose your path.


Whether it be love, money, health or career the answer lies within you. 

Allow me to be the light, so you can see!


Paula has been a professional psychic since 1995.

Paula’s ability to see energy adds an important element to her healing work. As a massage therapist, she can see the energy in and around the body which allows her to work with both the physical and energetic causes of dis-ease.

During an Energy Massage, she adds Christ Force Healing Energy, the aspect of Creator that Jesus used for his healings. This assists clients in releasing moments in time where the body had frozen in an event. The clearing of these points releases pain, both emotional and physical, and brings the body to a new state of ease. 

 Paula’s readings are both enlightening and educational in that she not only communicates what she sees, she then empowers by teaching energy tools for self-healing.


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