Covid-19 Protocols

We Care About You!

At a time when our way of life has been altered

The one to one human connection, which supports our wellbeing, is limited

The Body needs assurance and care as the mind creates its unique way of reconciling the experience

The nervous systems reaction has many options

When interaction is unavailable , make choices which will calm and soothe

Walk on the beach, meditate, stretch, warm bathes and self massage will fine tune the body's response 

Safety and Wellbeing is the Body's #1 Purpose

Body Being in Balance Massage 

Places this purpose at the Heart of its Design!


The procedures we follow are center to the care and well being of all concerned




1. We have 2 UV Hepa Filtration systems in the studio

2. We use FDA approved disinfecting products to clean before and after each client

3. A wall of open windows keeps the air moving and fresh.

4. The therapist has been following all protocols to assure their wellbeing.



1. Have you been social distancing and wearing a mask?

2. Have you been traveling to or from a covid hotspot within the last 14 days?

3. Have you interacted with a high risk group within the last 14 days?

4. Are you in agreement to wear a mask the entire time in the building?

5. Are you in agreement to having your temperature taken?


As a community, if we think about how our choices affect the whole,

We can move past this experience swiftly

If we only think about ourselves and not the us,

The perpetuation of this and other threats will flourish

When I wear a mask I protect you

When you wear a mask you protect me

It's Time to Thrive!