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Reclaim Vital Mobility at any Age

Body Being in Balance Massage Del Mar, Ca


Body Being in Balance Massage Meditation and Skin Care, a leading healing center in Del Mar Ca, provides a successful therapeutic system that supports recovery from injury, increasing vital mobility at any age with increased ease and stamina.


Body Being in Balance Massage Meditation and Skin Care draws together an innovative approach in therapeutic massage, ergonomic education, life skills and positive self image development. “Living with pain is unnecessary. Well being is a choice and resides in the hands of each of us. “ 


Clients often say, “I’m 50 so living with a sore ache body is something I will have to live with, it’s a part of getting older. “


A body with 50+ years of activity without correct body mechanics, stretching, nutrition and therapeutic massage will end up full of limitations and constrictions.

Muscle is comprised of long cylindrical fibers that slide over each other.

Regular activity along with muscle building causes micro tearing in the tissue. 

Collagen knits the fibers back together in a cross stitch pattern. 


Repetitive motion, such as sitting at the computer working the key board for hours on end, resets the muscles length and activity to fit that action.

 “Form follows function”, creating a foundation the body lives from effecting ease in all other activities. 


Years of these activities greatly diminishes function causing stiffness in normal everyday living, robbing vitality and enjoyment from life. 


“Time and time again, clients come in hoping for relief from pain and limitations and leave with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and commitment to there vitality.” 

How does this change happen?


Lori P.

“I have been dealing with a pinched nerve after a car accident 2 years ago. After 2 years of seeing specialists, which did help but did not have the staying power to turn the corner, Paula has gotten to the source of the pain and numbness that I have been dealing with for so long. After only 5 visits there is a big difference. The progress she makes stays and builds on the next visit. I can move my neck pain free and the numbness in my arm and hand is subsiding. I have gotten great results and am glad I have found her.”


Cetified as a Sports Massage Therapist, Paula Irwin brings a blend of 

Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Strain Counter Strain, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral and Lymphatic Massage.

These therapies are combined with guided visualization and meditation techniques to rebalance not only the muscular skeletal structure but also the emotional spiritual body, offering a pathway to center and release emotional holding patterns and return the body to a healthy rhythm. 


A session includes a structural, sensitivity and ergonomic assessment and treatment plan to resolve concerns. Treatments are 60 to 90 minutes in duration; a specifically moderate and intuitively direct technique clears adhesions, scar tissue and trigger points, supported by activated stretches, increasing circulation and suppleness, resetting muscle length and flexibility.


Patterns of shallow breathing, jaw and shoulder clenching are addressed with guided visualization techniques channeling tensions away while guiding the body to an open and balanced state. 


Changes in body mechanics, strengthening exercises, correct stretching techniques and stress relief techniques are suggested to support continued progression. 


Years of build up may take a few sessions to undo a life time of constrictions, 4 sessions a week apart with monthly maintenance is a small investment to regain and maintain the vitality thought lost to time. *

Have the Demands of Motherhood Robbed You of Your Vibrancy and Balance?


Published in The October 2016 Edition of

Natural Awakenings San Diego



The demands of child-rearing change a woman’s structure, creating long-term imbalances that lead to unnecessary injuries later in life. Form follows function; carrying the weight of a child on the hip adapts and reshapes the musculoskeletal system.

   The dominant arm and shoulder round forward shortening the upper pectoral muscle, pulling the scapula, rhomboids and spine of the back with it. This creates a spiraling effect to the body. Stabilizing the weight on that hip shortens supporting hip, spine and pelvic muscles continuing the rotation. Unattended to, joint and disk damage may occur.

   Thankfully, posture can be rebalanced with further damage to tissue being arrested. This is where structural rebalancing massage comes in. During an initial consultation, a structural assessment including visual alignment, muscle testing and gait evaluation are possible.

   Once the disproportions are noted, a treatment plan is created. The session is therapeutic blended with a relaxing massage. Before change can happen, the body must be able to relax and trust the therapist. Working with the nervous system rather than dominating it allows holding patterns to neutralize and reset, leaving space for deeper work. Adhesions and scar tissue from overuse are broken down and muscle tissue softens.   

   Bones are the leavers and muscles the pulleys when it comes to movement, as the muscle length normalizes the pull on its attachment to the skeleton releases and structure returns to normal.

   The new foundation changes the old patterns through activated stretching, resetting a new neuromuscular pattern where the changes become apart of life moving forward.

Paula Irwin, CMT #1985, is the owner of Body Being in Balance, located at 1130 Camino Del Mar, Ste G, in Del Mar. For more information, call 858-822-9878 or visit *

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