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Meditation Intuition Healing

Spirit is in constant motion. Connect into your flow

Mission Statement

Spirit in Motion Healing Center creates an environment which offers validation, information, guidance, wellness experiences and creativity on the path of spiritual learning. A harmonious relationship between the physical body and the spiritual body is cultivated through educating the soul, healing the body and recognizing that this sacred relationship is what moves us through life.

Heal the Spirit 


The Spirit Heals the Body


When a Soul is  seen and validated the ability to reconnect harmonize & move forward Increases opportunity for well being in all areas of life! 

Give Yourself the Gift Of  Spiritual Communication

Readings In Person or Phone

60 min $160


Hands on Healing

Take the Step!

Psychic in Del Mar

What is it to be Psychic?

Psychic means 

“Of the Soul”

Learn how you can grow your Soul Awareness and how it applies to your everyday life!

Introductory Recording of Class 1

Email for the link to listen to this very powerful class


Learn Spiritual Tools Through 

MP3 downloads

4.5 hours of instruction



Private instruction 

1 Hour Sessions x 8 Classes

$200 per class


Give it Listen!

Learn Spiritual Tools to Explore 

 Relationship to your Spirit

 Relationship to the Divine

 Relationship to the World


Experience Increased 

Calmness Clarity

Strengthen Internal Guidance

Deepen a Relationship with the God of your Heart

Go within and connect to yourself

Meditation/Intuition/Healing Classes

Foundation Classes


Spiritual Tools (ST) 1&2

 Taught 1 to 1

Purchase 4 classes at a time 15% off

(ST) 1-4/60 min classes 600 15% off 510

(ST) 2-4/60 min classes 600 15% off 510

Explore your nature as a Spiritual Being

Be Present

See your Truth from the 6th Chakra

Connect with earth and source energy

Release attachment to past events

Separate from others emotions and drama

Own your place in the world

See the truth from a lie

Own your ability to create the life you want


Healing (H) 1&2

Taught 1 to 1

Purchase 4 classes at a time 15% off

(H) 1-4/60 min classes 600 15% off 510

(H) 2-4/60 min classes 600 15% off 510

Heal the Spirit and the Spirit Heals the Body


Heal from a Grounded Space

Bring your awareness within and Know /Heal thy self

Feel and differentiate between yours and another’s energy

Recognize/clear/heal the aura

Recognize when you are giving your energy away

Recognize when are taking on someone else’s

Working with healing guides

Learning and healing the spiritual anatomy

Long distance healing

Astral body healing

Healing past events/lives

And much more…………….

The Clairvoyant Program (CP) 1&2

6 months each

Validating Spirit 


Expand your natural abilities as an intuitive:  

The word Psychic means, OF THE SOUL.

We have spiritual abilities of Clairvoyance, 

Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Knowingness, Telepathy, 

Trance mediumship  

Learn to own these abilities for yourself.

 To develop your psychic abilities

 is to see yourself more clearly. 

This allows you to become and know yourself more fully.


You will Learn to:

Communicate Spirit to Spirit

Access Past lives

Read the Aura and Chakras


12 months includes: 

Purchase 4 classes at a time 15% off

(CP) 1-4/60 min classes 600 15% off 510

(CP) 2-4/60 min classes 600 15% off 510


​Women's Program (WP)

Women’s Healing Program

It’s all about You!

Connect with your female creative energy

Use your female energy to Heal Yourself

Recognize where you’re giving this energy away and call it back

Much more..

Purchase 4 classes at a time 15% off

(WP) 1-4/60 min classes 600 15% off 510

(WP) 2-4/60 min classes 600 15% off 510

An image of a Rose placed at the edge of your aura defines you from the world





Joann“ I'm so thankful for this opportunity to learn more about my Body/Being connection and actually feel the energy moving lovingly through me. What a Wonderful experience. Many thanks Paula. Namaste, JA ”  *


Kim“ This kind of energy work is very powerful. I learned tools to create unity between my body and my spirit in a way that is easy yet profoundly effective. Visualizing and moving energy seems to create instant reaction on levels seen and unseen which gave me a feeling of being very centered and grounded again. ” *


Nathan-Yelp" She is the real deal. Very good and healer too! *

The Reviews for Paula's Intuitive abilities

 Psychic Readings

A Clairvoyant Reading is based upon the concept of:

“Spirit to Spirit Communication.”

You are both a Physical Body and a Spiritual Body;

All your answers come from within you.


In the Present, You are creating your future by your beliefs.

Asking a question about your future illuminates the decisions leading to an end result.

Change your decisions, change your future.

You are the 

“Map Maker” 

I am the 

“Interpreter” and “Tour Guide” *


​Call Today for your Psychic Reading/Healing

Readings In Person or Phone

60 Min $160


A perfect discription of owning the center of your head
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