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Look Who's Talking about 

Paula's Massage/Healing Skills


"The Healing Power of Touch"


Connie J.


I am so impressed by the work Paula has been doing with me. Not only does she have excellent skill she has great people skills. I was amazed by the toxins being released out of my body. Feel hopeful now!


John L.


I have seen Paula three times for lymph drainage services and the difference has been amazing. She genuinely cares! I highly recommend.


Melissa W.



I found Paula on Yelp and made an appointment. I thought she was fantastic and I feel great. She did a combo lymphatic and deep tissue massage - eliminating my double chin (due to inflammation) and the knots in my back and neck. I would recommend her to all my friends and I will definitely be going back.


Lori P


Paula has techniques that you don't find most/all places that I feel not only feel good but help the skin in an ongoing manner.


Scott H.


Paula Irwin displays exceptional skill as a masseuse. She also possesses impressive knowledge of anatomy, which enables her to explain the purpose of the various massage techniques she utilizes. Paula has been successful in alleviating the pain of soft tissue injuries I received in a serious car accident, and has rehabilitated a sports injury to my wife's knee.


Lori P.



I have been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck after being hit by a car over 2 years ago. My husband started going to Paula for his arm/shoulder and recommended Paula to me. After two years of seeing specialists, which did help but did not have the staying power to turn a corner, Paula has gotten right to the source of the pain and numbness that I've been dealing with for so long. For the first time in two years I'm hopeful that I may actually get my life back. Paula is amazing. She knows what she is doing and draws off difference kinds of knowledge and studies that she's had over the years. After only about 5 visits there is a big difference. The progression that she makes each time stays and builds on the next visit. I can move my neck pain free now and the numbness in my arm and hand are subsiding. We've both gotten a great result from Paula and feel blessed to have found her. I see many others have highly recommended her and my husband and I do as well.


Barbara D



Paula saved my weekend with her healing hands! My first night in So Cal I slipped on a grease spot in my hotel room and cracked my head on the corner of the marble end table! Wow, scraped my skull and swelling. Her marvelous sensitive healing helped the swelling go down. She Addressed the Stressed neck muscles and brought relief! Thank you. Will see u again when I am back in the area.





Following my Brachioplasty also known as arm lift surgery I had a large amount of pitting edema in both arms along the scar line especially in my right arm that was concerning to me. My internet search revealed only 5 certified manual lymphatic drainage massage therapist in the San Diego area. Choosing Paula was a GOD send. Her calming and professional mannerism was welcoming and results astounding. Following my first treatment I could visually see the reduction in size and feel the diminished tight feeling that had been my existence for the previous two weeks. A marked difference was made with each treatment a total of 3 with the girth of my arms and the appearance of my scars. I am convinced that manual lymphatic drainage and plastic surgery go hand and hand as the removal of the edema increases patient comfort and decreases pockets of lymph that has become trapped as your tissues began to realign themselves following surgery. 


I have shared this information with my plastic surgery and would strongly suggest that all plastic surgeons have an association with a lymphatic drainage massage therapist as it facilitates an enhanced healing experience. Paula has made all the difference with easing my worry about the amount of swelling I was experiencing and with abdominoplasty and thigh lift planned for next Monday I am confident I have an ally that will help me get through the healing process of such large surgeries. As a medical professional myself, it was comforting to see theory meet practical application with regards to edema and I strongly recommend that you utilize her talents to alleviate all the residual swelling following your plastic or orthopedic surgeries.


Stephanie K.



Paula is an AMAZING professional who truly cares about you, your health and well being - very rare these days!!  


I found Paula after nearly giving up all hope and heading to surgery for newly diagnosed degenerative disk disease in my neck! Fortunately for me, I persevered and continued to search, and finally found someone who could help me!


On my first visit, Paula listened calmly and intently to learn about my pain, previous treatments, concerns, and lifestyle. She proceeded to use her healing expertise with neuromuscular/trigger point massage to relieve the horrific muscle tension and nerve pain in my neck, shoulders, arms and hands.  


Within 1-2 visits, my neck (and nerve) pain improved dramatically - and with continued visits and advice for home treatment, I kept improving to be pain free!  


Scheduling appointments are so easy and Paula is ALWAYS available within a day or two!  


So, when I push the envelope, slack off on exercises and stretching, or spend too many hours behind the computer, I know I can get relief with Paula's healing hands.


I can't recommend Paula enough!


Nancy Hurley FaceBook 


Paula is a welcoming, calming massage therapist with a gift not only for providing an excellent massage, but for creating a healing atmosphere in which to experience TLC and renewal.


Cindy C San Marcos Ca 



Fabulous, talented healer--I always feel like I have gone away on a relaxing vacation after a massage from Paula, without all the travel plan hassles! and I get increased energy --I know my better health is due to her healing touch--thank you!!!


Joanne B. Carlsbad, Ca 



Paula provides deep therapeutic massage that gets to the source of the matter...physically, emotionally and spiritually. A truly remarkable experience that removes blocks and opens doors to the next level of awareness. On a purely physical matter, I have had increasing issues with scoliosis and, in one session, Paula straightened the curve that a chiropractor was unable to correct in two years of weekly sessions! This had a marvelous side effect of relieving neck and head pain. Her work on my neck has been truly extraordinary. I particuralry love how she "listens" to my body and lets it tells her what it needs. Highly recommended.


Tricia W. San Diego, Ca



Paula is as good as it gets! I was in an auto accident in 2009 and had been struggling ever since to relieve what seemed to be daily nagging back pain. I saw countless chiropractors, applied kinesiologists, orthopedists, physical therapists, and acupuncturists but with no lasting results. Following treatment, my pain would usually return within 1-2 days. Sound familiar? 


I soon began researching trigger point massage therapy and thought, "OK, this is it. This is my last chance!!" I found Paula online as a trigger point massage specialist and booked an appointment right away. Boy am I glad I did! After some education on good stretches and proper posture and several months of committed body work with her my back pain has improved by leaps and bounds. I got my life back!! My "pain free" periods last a lot longer now and I couldn't be more grateful to Paula. If you're looking for long-lasting results to address a chronic pain issue, I highly recommend Paula. Don't hesitate! My only regret is I didn't go to her sooner!


Carolyn S Lymphatic Drainage Massage 



I came to see Paula 6 weeks after having liposuction, as I was still in a lot of pain and was very swollen. I would highly recommend her and wish I had received her name sooner in my recovery. I saw her twice a week for 4 weeks and she greatly relieved the pain and the sweiling went down considerably. I am sure that my recovery would have been quicker if I had been able to see her sooner after the liposuction. 


Gayle M. Carlsbad, CA 



I saw Paula for the first time yesterday and was in awe of her skills and healing hands. It was the most relaxed I have felt in a long while. I was very impressed that she came in on Sunday to work on me; that was really important because I have limited child care. What a wonderful way to cap off my weekend. I have had MANY massages over the years and this was one of the best, from both a relaxation and therapeutic standpoint. I left feeling great. I highly recomend her.


Jaclyn R. Rancho Santa Fe, CA 



This was the most phenomenal experience for me. Paula was able to focus in on my many issues, pinpoint the problem, and solve it. I've been having knee and hip issues for ages now, and after one session with Paula, I left feeling pain free. Unbelievable. She is the loveliest, most down to earth lady and so easy to talk too. Body Being in Balance is HIGHLY recommended!!!! Paula, once again, thank you:) 


T G. Encinitas, CA 



I recently had a 90 minute massage with Paula and I couldn't have been more pleased. She was professional with an amazing energy and touch. She listens to your needs and your body and adjusts accordingly. I have been getting massages for 25 years and she is tops in my book. Unlike other massage places, you get your full sixty or ninety minutes in a peaceful atmosphere without any interruptions. I highly recommend Paula and will return to see her oh so soon. 


Gregg S. Oceanside, CA 



Paula was wonderful, great pressure, amazing service, extremely professional. I have a few friends that have recommended her to me and could not have been happier. If you are looking for a quality massage from a true professional, I cannot speak high enough about Paula. 


Ford S. Encinitas, CA 



I saw Paula today, and I must say, she is an exceptional healer. I am a weekend warrior, and I probably stress my body out more than I should in my sports activities. If this is you, Paula will hook you up with a fabulous therapeutic sports massage. She also can be very gentle in removing toxins from your body as well, in an athlete and regular person lymphatic drainage is BIG. The atmosphere is serene, your hour will go by quickly, and you will be restored. I highly recommend Paula and Body Being in Balance! (lucky for me, she's just down the street! 



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