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Post Op Massage-Clinical Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist VS Beauty Lymphatic Provider

What’s True or Not

A Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (MLD), in California, must have a professional license of certified massage therapist, physical therapist or any other medical level license. Estheticians can be certified in the face only. The required training is 145 hours of approved training with a passing score of the certification exam. Estheticians require 60 hours of training and passing of the certification exam. This area of specialty is not regulated. Currently, an individual with no professional license of a related profession can purchase a machine, take a day training, and call themselves a lymphatic therapist. These individuals are told they can work on post-surgery clients, which can be dangerous. The danger is that, without knowledge of the body and healing process, they can cause unnecessary pain, increased scar tissue and poor healing. This can cause a need to redo the surgery, removing the scar tissue, requiring another long-term healing process and expense. Paula Irwin, CMT #1985, CLT, the therapist at Body Being in Balance Massage, Massage Del Mar, has the training, certification, and experience to assure your recovery is comfortable and successful.

A knowledge of the lymphatic system and how it moves is essential in proper treatment. Understanding how scar tissue forms and the optimal time to begin softening the tissue as it forms is essential for proper recovery support. A Certified (MLD) Therapist training combined with a Myofascial Therapist training elevates the treatment. Make sure your therapist is knowledgeable and experienced. Experience is key as every patient’s healing process is unique. Previous surgeries play a role in how the next procedure heals. The ability to adapt to the unique makeup of each patient increases success in the treatment.

The public is responsible for researching the facts. It is suggested to inform yourself, by reading up on the anatomy and process of the lymphatic system through a reputable source such as an anatomy book. There are online anatomy resources.

It can be frustrating to have conflicting knowledge sold to you. It is the patient’s job to educate themselves. Discuss your procedure and recovery with Body Being in Balance Massage, Lymphatic Massage Del Mar, to understand the process and make an educated decision. Good luck on your journey.


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