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Sports Massage Del Mar-It is for everyone!

Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage supports athletes in pushing to the limits and beyond with less injury and stronger performance. Sessions before an event prepares the muscles by increasing flexibility and breaking up adhesions and scar tissue from overuse and past injuries. A muscle with excessive scar tissue does not have full range of motion. This allows for better extension and stronger muscle fibers to increase endurance and lessen potential injuries.

The Different stages of Sports Massage

A weekend warrior or a professional athlete will benefit from sports massage. The training process for each sport is different. A runner will build on their speed and endurance over time. Quit often a runner may ignore the rest of the body. Poor posture which rounds the shoulders forward will create a forward center of gravity. This will affect speed and stamina along with potential falls. Addressing neck, shoulder and upper back posture balanced with lower body strength and flexibility will support greater success with less injuries. Golfers quit often experience low back pain from the continued hip and torso rotation. Many golfers use Golf as their main form of exercise and ignore the fact that this sport takes full body strength. Weak legs or a stiff neck and torso effect the swing and its precision. Sports Massage will help these athletes perform better with less injuries.

Sports Massage during training uses many modalities such as facilitated stretching, strain counter strain to maintain flexibility and balance. Effleurage, cross friction, trigger point and percussion to breakup scar tissue and adhesions and increase muscle movement and circulation. Deeper work can be done during this time. Sessions are done between training sessions. This allows for proper recovery.

Who will benefit from Sports Massage?

An Athlete is anyone who moves. A person sitting at their computer engages their back, shoulders, neck, arms, wrists, and fingers in a constant flow of movement. The range is less than a Bowler or Pole Vaulter but still wears on the muscles and joints just the same. A kindergarten teacher is standing, sitting, stooping, bending, and crawling on the floor. They maybe lifting and carrying heavy boxes or children. This is athleticism. Preventative sports massage will support these athletes in their flexibility, strength and balance preventing injuries and supporting a better quality of life.

Sports massage Del Mar therapists are trained in treating injuries of movement such as rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis, hamstring strains or shin splints to name a few.

Sports Massage for seniors supports longevity, strength, and balance. A senior who has become weak and fragile may reclaim strength with many of the sports massage techniques. Facilitated Stretching is a stretch with resistance. Gentle stretching with resistance of individual muscle groups will begin to wake up the body brain connection firing and strengthening the fibers. It is a slow process but with consistent weekly treatments many seniors have gained strength moving on to personal trainers specializing in their specific needs. Gentle effleurage will keep blood flowing and lessen aches and pains.

Living athletically is about maintenance. A blending of Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage addresses movement, alignment, strength, and flexibility. All massage techniques cross over in their application the difference is the intended purpose and direction and where you are in your training.

For most people, receiving a massage is an experience that relieves their physical and mental stress. However, there are many different types of massages to meet each client's needs - some who want relief from muscular pain while others may just need general relaxation or tension release without any significant injuries present. A deep tissue massage targets specific areas of your body, leading you to feel much better after one session. Still, these same techniques also help athletes recover post-activity with less chance of reoccurrence if they're experiencing overuse syndromes such as tennis elbow/carpal tunnel syndrome, among others.

Modalities offered

Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release,

Structural Realignment, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral and

Positional Release are among the modalities used in sports massage.

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