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Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Cosmetic Procedures & Beyond-Questions Answered

The Lymphatic System and Manual Lymphatic Massage-What is it?

Your lymphatic system is a part of the circulatory system.

With every beat of the heart, oxygen, and nutrients flow through blood to the body.

A part of the plasma stays behind and becomes the lymphatic fluid.

This fluid is a viscus protein which absorbs dead cells, bacteria, and foreign matter.

It then moves into the lymphatic vascular system in the body.

The vessels move from within the body to the skin, through the skin to the nodes.

Stretching the skin across the vessel creates an opening and a negative internal pressure. This causes a suction and pulls fluids inside. The fluids then move through the nodes which purify the fluid through the action of the macrophages, like Pac-man, dissolving the matter.

This purified fluid then rejoins the blood system at the vena cava of the heart.

This system is a constant moving internal river moving out debris and supporting a healthy immune system.

The Lymphatic System is a passive system which activates through movement and breath. Manual Lymphatic Drainage increases the movement of this system by ten times its normal rate.

Changes from having lymphatic massage following a procedure

The benefit of Manual Lymphatic Drainage for post-surgery recovery is that it quickens the removal of increased demand on the system caused by the procedure.

Swelling and bruising from the process dissipates swiftly.

Accelerated healing and results are the outcome.

Myofascial release, starting at 2 weeks post op, addresses the scar tissue as it forms for a softer appearance.

Benefits of lymphatic massage

The weight of a nickel and the rhythm of a heartbeat, Manual Lymphatic Massage, through its gentle rhythm and pressure, neutralizes the autonomic nervous system and returns the body to a state of rest and rejuvenation. This process is painless.

Lymphatic Massage for Well Being gives a boost to the system and many people report a sense of lightness and deep relaxation.

Lymphatic massage may assist with sinus and migraine headaches. Fluids, which build up in the cavities of the cranium will release more quickly lightening the pr