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Lymphatic Massage The real and the false

The past few months I have received a stream of calls about the service which led me to believe that there are people training and offering the service

who are not certified lymphedema therapists.

They are working with post op patients and others with incomplete training.

The minimum hours of training to become certified is 145 which includes a certification exam.

This is a medical treatment taught by Doctors and physical therapists.

This treatment is recognized by the AMA as a treatment for lymphedema.

This is not a beauty treatment preformed after a 1day training.

An under trained therapist preforming a lymphatic massage on a post op patient, especially with open incisions and excreting fluids is inappropriate.

A client in this state should only be treated by medical staff.

I realize it is tempting to choose a therapist who

charges way under the median rate.

Who does not like a deal?

Proper training costs several thousand dollars and a deep commitment to study and practice.

The training consists of many hours of anatomy, physiology, and biology.

There are many hours of learning the 5 basic hand movements and techniques.

Knowing how to adapt to the limits and challenges faced by different procedures.

Do not be fooled by imitators

Choose a therapist with training and experience.

I have 185 hours of training

I have been in practice for 23 years and have supported thousands of individuals in their recovery process.

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