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Have the Demands of Motherhood Robbed You of Your Vibrancy and Balance?

Carrying your child on your hip adapts the body's structure.

The demands of child rearing changes a woman's structure creating long term imbalances that lead to unnecessary injuries later in life. Form follows function; carrying the weight of a child on the hip adapts and reshapes the musculoskeletal system.

The dominant arm and shoulder round forward shortening the upper pectoral muscle, pulling the scapula, rhomboids and spine of the back with it. This creates a spiraling effect to the body. Stabilizing the weight on that hip shortens supporting hip, spine and pelvic muscles continuing the rotation.

Unattended to, joint and disk damage may occur. Posture can be rebalanced with further damage to tissue being arrested.

This is where structural rebalancing massage comes in.

During the initial consultation a structural assessment including visual alignment, muscle testing and gait evaluation are possible.

Once the disproportions’ are noted a treatment plan is created.

The session is therapeutic blended with a relaxing massage. Before change can happen the body must relax and trust the therapist.

Working with the nervous system rather then dominating, allows holding patterns to neutralize and reset leaving space for deeper work. Adhesions and scar tissue from overuse are broken down and muscle tissue softens. Bones are the leavers and muscles the pulleys when it comes to movement, as the muscle length normalizes the pull on it’s attachment to the skeleton releases and structure resets..

The new foundation alleviates the old patterns through activated stretching, resetting a new neuromuscular pattern where the changes become evident and life moves forward. *

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